Who we are

Incocco isn’t just a place, it’s a timeless way of  being, a lifestyle involving people with animals and agriculture, appreciating nature in the countryside. However, its’ unique character truly belongs to the people who make up our Family and who bring together Incocco everyday. A diverse group from many places and cultures with a variety of talents, each one adding something special to bring Incocco to life!!

All this is what we strive to share with those who find themselves here among us.

The Main Family


Fiorenzo          Raffaele          Marjie

Fiorenzo is the powerhouse, the perfectionist, a charismatic host, a passionate exacting amateur cook, a dedicated lifelong athlete, an endless source of energy and creative talent. Incocco’s evolution is an expansion of his dreams, he is truly a farmer masquerading as a businessman, his drive and vision are the workforce behind both the working farm and the B&B.

Since he has always taken life in his energetic stride most of Incocco both inside and out has been literally remodelled in some way by his hands.

Marjie originates from Canada and her love of wide open spaces made her feel at home in Incocco. As she is responsible for daily farm organisation she has imbibed it with something of her character, making Incocco a blend of Italian and Anglo-Saxon ideas.   As a veterinarian the role of farm manager was a natural extension of her training but she also had to have great flexibility to steadily develop talents as architect, builder, mason, carpenter, plumber, interior designer, hosteller and of course mother!!!
Raffaele was born in 1993 and has grown up in the countryside accustomed to horse breeding and chick hatching, as well as long contemplative walks in the woods with dogs and cats. He also has a great affinity for people partly due to always being surrounded by many cultures and being confident in several languages. As a student in the European School in Varese, Raff began his formal education in three languages and just completed a 4 year degree between the UK and France.

He inherited an immense curiosity for nature and has always been the first to make new insect or animal discoveries around the Incocco farm. He is also an enthusiastic athlete dedicating time to his soccer team, tennis or biking. As a result, there are many languages spoken at Incocco, and there is always a ball and soccer net ready for Incocco guests who need to unwind!!!

The Extended Family

Paolo and Francesca (Frà) :  our closest nepaolo-and-fraighbours who divide their time between their work in Milano and their family at Incocco. Frà owns an advertising agency and Paolo is our talented Web expert; the computer magician!! Frà has grown up at Incocco and besides her professional skills has brought her competence and love of animals, as she manages the farm in our absence. Her eternal optimism and enthusiasm enliven our lives and those of our guests; combined with Paolo’s exceptional language and computer skills they have both become an essential part of the Incocco existence.

Zio Italo is in fact Fiorenzo’s uncle. He has tirelessly dedicated every Saturday working at Incocco since we purchased the property, and this is something very special as he is a talented welder. Just about anything made of metal here has been either created or modified by him throughout the years. He made all the new house balcony railings and painstakingly reworked all the original ones. The many metal and glass doors, windows, gates, farm implements, fencing, all done by him. No matter how large or how small, he always finds a solution and we could never have completed this dream without his help.

                                                                                                                                                                             Luigi and Maria: the former owners of the Incocco farm they are now luigi-and-mariaretired and live just below us at the entrance to our roadway, they are our official “gate-keepers”. Luigi was actually born in the house in 1936 and his heart is still here. They are our local experts as they know everything and everyone as people do in the country and have become true Incocco grandparents, providing all the details for her return to former glory!!



The Four Legged Family

As on any farm property belonging to a Veterinarian and family there are a variety of other living creatures.

An Australian Shepherd aptly named Canadian Ginger-ale or “Ginger” has been a beloved part of our family for years and even accompanied us on most trips to Canada learning to canoe, camp and kayak very successfully!! (Those Canadian skunks were a bit of an issue though!!!) In 2007 she gave us nine puppies that have homes with many of our dearest friends here in Italy and “Rosie” the red merle stayed with us. So the two “girls” spend their days working to keep the other animals in order ( you should see them driving off wild pigs!!!) and announcing the arrival of new people .

There are a total of 6 “fixed” cats accumulated as seems to happen in the country, each one is special with their own story and amusing character. For example Tin-Tin adores mingling with guests and some of the others find it far beneath their dignity!!! That is what cats are all about.

Sofia the Donkey and Sole the Goat: actually belong to Frà and Paolo but as they are completely human imprinted, love to come down to the main farm and meet people (especially children carrying snacks). As they often wander free in the woods, they have been known in the autumn to accost people carrying bags to collect those DELICIOUS chestnuts and demand ransom payment if you wish to escape!!!

Joe, Lucia, Lisa and Roby: are permanent Incocco equine residents. All have been competitive show horses except Roby , he is just a competitive fence destroyer. The others now enjoy life on the lush pastures and occasional forays on the trails.