Rich in history, lush in scenery and natural beauty the area of Arona around Lago Maggiore offers a wide variety of activities to travelers from all over the world. Whether your passion is outdoor adventure, exploring history, or indulging in enogastronomic delights you will find easy access to them all when staying at Cascina Incocco.



winter-hikeIn this beautiful environment it is easy top91300031 relax and enjoy nature. Cascina Incocco is located directly on one of the marked trails maintained by the CAI of Arona  (Italian Alpine Club). Their excellent map “Terra tra 2 Laghi” (Land between 2 lakes) and an itineraries booklet are available to purchase locally, showing the many kilometers of available paths and tourist highlights. Even taking a short hike up the hill from your room at Incocco you will find a cold mountain stream cascading over a waterfall.                       

Other trekking adventures await you in the nearby nature reserves of Lagoni di Mercurago, Parco del Valle del Ticino, or the national park of the Val Grande. Val Grande is the largest wilderness in Italy with approximately 10 thousand untouched hectares. This great valley is wedged at the foot of the Alps, just a step away from Lake Maggiore and just a hundred kilometres from Milan. 


Bicycling through the ancient towns or the countryside laced with hills of grapevines is a wonderful way to see the area sights.

All the nearby parks offer biking itineraries for various levels or you can set off on your own trip around Lakes Maggiore, Orta or Varese ; up into the nearby mountains for the more adventurous or just amble through wine country with stops at the various wine “cantinas”. 

Check with your hosts for availability of bike rentals or bring your own gear for some of the greatest bicycle touring in the world.


Winter brings its own beauty to Cascina Incocco and a myriad of sports activities in the snow. Although Incocco itself receives a rare snowfall, and the nearby lakes remain unfrozen,  a short drive up into the surrounding mountains will leave visitors overwhelmed by the choice of exceptional ski slopes for all ranges of skiing ability in downhill, cross-country or snowboard.


Considered an extreme alpine sport by some, experienced Alpine Guides can make this adventure through a mountain valley and river feel like child’s play! This is an experience to not be missed.


World class shopping is just a short distance away. The fashion district of Milan offers the latest styles in apparel with something of interest for everyone.  You will soon learn to come and shop ‘till you drop. Bring your friends and discover the true riches of this country.

Northern Italy is an important manufacturing region with local products finding their way around the world.  Here factory outlet centres offer bargains to shoppers with brands such as Lagostino and Alessia cookware, silk and cashmere clothing, or leather shoes to name a few. The famous clothing labels of Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna,  Aspesi, Loro Piana, Valentino, Prada etc. can all be found at discount prices.


 By Automobile

Many wonderful tourist destinations are easily accessible by car. A day spent around any of the lakes, a short drive into Switzerland, the Italian mountains or a trip to the beautiful city of Milano with its fashion district, cathedral, castle, and Di Vinci’s “Last Supper” are all pleasant excursions.  

 By Train

Arona is an important stop on the train line into Milano which provides ready access to most Italian cities, it’s also easy to connect to other European destinations.

lago-magg-express-trainThe Lago Maggiore Express can offer you an unforgettable journey combining train and ferry boat. The daily round trip can be started at several locations close to Incocco with boating on the lake through Italy into Switzerland and through the mountains by train to return back to Lake Maggiore, there are many options to stop at the various scenic lakeside towns and sights such as Stresa, the Borromeo Islands,  Locarno in Switzerland and the Italian-Swiss mountain valleys.

By Ferry Boatalistair-on-ferry

Spend a relaxing day navigating around Lago Maggiore  to admire the Borromeo Islands, the Cannero castles, the gardens at Villa Taranto and Isola Madre, the 12th century lake side chapel of Santa Caterina del Sasso among others. This  beautiful shoreline with quaint villages and picturesque bays makes a rewarding day’s outing. Lunch is available on board or stop at a lakeside restaurant and give in to the Mediterranean charm of the Lago Maggiore.


The cuisine in the Lago Maggiore area enjoys an ancient tradition. The long sojourns of Lombard and Piedmont’s noble families contributed to the development of this art resulting in a the rich culmination of food culture for which this area is famous.

The number of fine local gastronomic spots from lakeside pizzerias to mountain top trattorias  to world class restaurants is far too great to list here.  Just ask your hosts for recommendations and discover great food and drink the Italian way. Remember it is said that Italians “live to eat.”