Who we are

Incocco isn’t just a place, it’s a timeless way of  being, a lifestyle involving people with animals and agriculture, appreciating nature in the countryside. However, its’ unique character truly belongs to the people who make up our extended family and who bring together Incocco everyday. A diverse group from many places and cultures with a variety of talents, each one adding something special to bring Incocco to life!!

All this is what we strive to share with those who find themselves here among us.


The Main Family


Fiorenzo          Raffaele          Marjie

Fiorenzo is the powerhouse, a charismatic host, amateur cook, lifelong athlete, and endless source of energy. Incocco’s evolution is an expansion of his dreams, his drive and vision are the workforce behind both the working farm and the B&B. Since he has always taken life in his energetic stride most of Incocco both inside and out has been literally remodelled in some way by his hands.
Marjie originates from Canada and her love of wide open spaces made her feel at home in Incocco. She has imbibed the farm with something of her character, making Incocco a blend of Italian and Anglo-Saxon ideas.   As a veterinarian the role of farm manager was a natural extension of her training but she also had to have great flexibility to steadily develop talents as architect, builder, mason, carpenter, plumber, interior designer, hosteller and of course mother!!!
Raffaele was born in 1993 and has grown up in the countryside accustomed to horse breeding and chick hatching, as well as long contemplative walks in the woods with dogs, cats (and a goose….). His great affinity for people is partly due to being surrounded by many cultures and confident in several languages. A graduate of the European School in Varese, he completed degrees in the UK and France prior to working for varied international firms. 

The Four Legged Family


As on any farm property belonging to a Veterinarian and family there are a variety of living creatures.

At present our third Australian Shepherd named Imma and 3 cats Sammy, Ratatouille and Teri (accumulated as seems to happen in the countryside), each one special with their own story and amusing character. 

Joe, Wanda and Roby: are permanent Incocco equine residents. All were competitive show horses except Roby our pony stallion, he is just a competitive fence destroyer. They now enjoy life on the lush pastures and occasional forays on the trails.

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