St Lucia Forest Marvels


Walking in the woods at dusk with Rosy tonight, on this spectacular eve of St Lucia, we discovered that in some people’s heart’s Magic still does exist. There beside our peacefully babbling brook, deep in the woods, was a magical offering. A magnificent basket for St Lucia:, apples, bananas, grapes, oranges and a melon, lots of sweets; then to please the lovely lady a comb for her long tresses, a mirror, some golden earrings and even champagne with a glass to celebrate the night. (now I know why she hangs around a lot more in Italy)

All was surrounded by glitter, beautiful flowers, golden candles and even a few shiny coins. A complete marvel.

However, being a profoundly romantic soul but in a very practical form, I found some vital defects. Essentially, the candles were LIT, on the dry leaves of an autumn forest without rain for over 2 months (YIKES!!!) they were down to within 1 cm of the leaves and I shudder to think what may have occurred if Fate in the form of Rosy and me had not come along. (Rosy would like to comment here that it is also obligatory that Forest Offerings must contain dog biscuits — to appease the Forest Creatures of course!)

So feeling obliged to accept the responsibility given to me by Fate and St Lucia, we immediately blew out the candles, and then took back a little complementary message but asking to not light candles in the woods. By sheer force of Will to keep my soul and spirit pure, I want you to all know that I did NOT eat even one of those delicious sweets, and as you all know I will only ever touch Moet & Chandon….

Have a Great St Lucia everyone, and always be careful with those candles!!

and PS.   don’t forget to leave a carrot for her Donkey

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